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The Embassy of Utopia

Festival of Libraries 2024
Manchester Central Library

The event: Festival of Libraries, 2024
The venue: Manchester Central Library
The collaborators: 92 speakers across two days of performance
The concept: A two-day open forum speaker's corner offering a platform of expression on the theme of utopia for the people of Manchester
The themes: hope, togetherness, environment, protest, self-esteem, gender identity, mother tongue, freedom, artistic expression

With special thanks to: Henri Hütt, Penny Boxall, Jane Boxall, Maarja Pärtna, Ivan Wadeson, Hawwa Alam, Rachel Fallon, Jo Flynn, Kamran Sajid, Caroline Kelly, Dorothee Devouge, Andrew Piper & all at Pendleton College, Salford.

"I had a good feeling that a spoken word event themed on future-thinking would play well in our fair city, and the Mancunians did not disappoint..."

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