Our Transformations

in Sticks and Stones: The Oxford Flash Fiction Prize Anthology

"There was a sense, I think, that it was far too early for me to meet your mother. But in the rush of our passion we'd abandoned calendars and her beheading was days overdue. Would I be a love a lend a hand?"


Silver Birch

in Lucent Dreaming #6 

"She holds up her hand. Her tongue is there. Dessicated. He doesn't take it. She lays it on his desk."


The Incorcist

in The Ghastling #10 

"This is what Amy Shelling looks like now. Pale, dishevelled, her hair pinned down but wisps of it taken up by the wind. She has the weight of the last nine years on her shoulders."


The Bycatch

in BFS Horizons #9 (British Fantasy Society)

"There, bathed in the wriggles of the bluefin, a giant lay contorted. A hand the size of a whale tail braced in the top cinch, the opposite elbow crushing tuna in the nook of a lower bulge."



in Shallow Creek (STORGY)

"A chloroform pad for the mouth of Jack,

and a sealed-up shaft in the old tin mine.

My ghoul mask gives him nightmares forever,

but there's enough food and drink for three days."



in Humanagerie (Eibonvale Press)

Listen to an extract here:

The Woodcutter and the Wolf

in Deracine, volume 2


"The woodcutter pulled bits of girl from the stomach of the wolf. What the hell am I doing, what the hell am I doing, what the hell am I doing..."


Come and See the Whale

in The Cabinet of Heed, issue 6


"These wires, grafted harmlessly into key sensory areas of his brain, feed Moby with his very own Atlantic Ocean."



in The Shadow Booth, Vol.1


"When Gryx Gyrxsyn awoke from troubled dreams, he found himself transformed into a giant Lara Croft."



in Black Static, issue 55


"Pig was reborn with skin made of bacon. He sizzles in the summer heat as farmyard noses follow scent trails, all the way to his sty."


Shooting an Elephant

in Ambit Magazine, issue 224


"I checked in on the troupe. They were ready. Helen swung from the front of the face, her body curled into a very convincing trunk"


A Time Before Horses

in Shooter Magazine, issue 3


"The creature seems to be enjoying itself on the roof. It scuttles to the chimney and embraces the stack with all four arms."


Broadcast of the Foxes

in Structo Magazine, issue 13


"The fox has made a nest in your satellite dish and feasts on your children's fingers. You can't get a good signal. You can't keep up with the news."


in Foxhole Magazine, issue 2


"The rabbit, Flopsy, is the cutest one the shop had. Female, probably."




in The Alarmist, issue 2


"I am Tyson forward slash Dog. My primary programme equals dog. My secondary programme equals human."



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