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Free to Read

Settle in with these free-to-read tales that have been especially selected for you, dear website visitor. Treat them as a kind of free sample collection. Maybe click them all open onto different tabs and then make your way through, one by one. That'll be fun, no? They'll give you a flavour of the kind of untruths I spend my time spinning. If they are to your taste, then perhaps you'll consider some printed material...? Think of these as appetisers for the main course, if you will. Enjoy...

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Image by David Clode

Like Many, Sledgehammer Lit | This is How it Will Be, Cranked Anvil | The Colour, Club Plum | This is the Place, Crow and Cross Keys | Bertha, Ellipsis Zine | The Fish Who Felt No Pain, Hypnopomp | Nobody Will Hear Them, Janus Lit | Sample #1, Sci-Fi Shorts | Silver Birch, Lucent Dreaming

Glossy Mags

Not free to read, generally, but all very excellent. These are the covers of various glossy literary mags my work has appeared in. Enormous thanks to the hardworking editors and readers of these magnificent publications. Keep supporting the indie presses, folks; they are the eternal burning light in the darkness...


Lancashire Stories is a free anthology of original writing by authors hailing from Lancashire. It can be found in libraries and schools and colleges across Lancashire, or can be borrowed for free from here.

My tale puts the Preston Guild into the future and sets it on Mars. It was enormous fun to write. Hear me chatting to Robin Crawshaw about the project here:

2021 Front Cover.webp


I guess its like Videodrome but with more me and less cyberhorror? Regardless, I've started making homemade filmed versions of some of my tales. Settle in for some lo-fi theatrics, scenic locations, and various dramatic camera angles...

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