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Spiderseed: Catching the Flies

The spider has hatched. The book is here. It has crawled out from it's web and is crawling all over peoples' skin and mouths and souls. It's hard to believe its already a month old.

You can catch yourself a copy, if you like, by either clicking this word SPIDERFANGS or clicking the word 'books' or 'home' on the strip above. Or just catch me at any of the readings I'll be doing from now until the end of time. It's £8 but you get LOVELY PICTURES as well as some stories.

We had a successful and brilliant launch party, in which Ben Judge created a mound of raffle tickets:

My bro Rickerly did some music at the launch and then released it as an EP called Minds That Crackle Like Static (a quote from my story 'Pulse'):

A brilliant lady called Imo did some imagery for the launch then put a video up:

I was on the Evidently Radio show talking about the book:

We've had the book stocked in various WICKED indie bookshops in London and Manchester:

I was on the End of All Things Podcast where I forgot to mention the book but had a proper lovely chat with Rob Cutforth and Benjamin Judge:

'From the Deepest Depth' from the book was put into this fabulous episode of Tapes and Tales:

'Pulse' from the book was published in Holdfast Magazine:

Some people have said some lovely things:

We're nearly out of the first print run of the book but we're hitting print on a second run very soon, so if you've not got one yet there will be plenty more to go around. And we should be live on the Kindle soon too for all you e-bookers.

I tell ya. It's great fun doing a book. You should all try it sometime.


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