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Beaks, claws, fur, & scales: animal tales for a vegan age.
Longlisted for the Edge Hill Prize, 2022.
Published by Fly on the Wall Press.
Get your copy here:



About Me

Hi, I'm David.

I'm a writer, tutor, podcaster, and rambler.

I write strange short stories about strange things, and I'm the author of Fauna (Fly on the Wall Press). In 2021, I went and got myself a PhD in Creative Writing from The University of Manchester

I now run workshops about writing, and dart about here and there on various creative residencies. I'm currently UNESCO City of Literature writer-in-residence in Tartu, Estonia, although I actually live in Manchester, UK. 

For more on my various adventures, click below:

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My Books

I have four books of short fiction.

Weird and twisted little tales.

"Fiercely original, these are stories that are at times disturbing, absurd, and darkly comedic, and which refuse to conform to the constraints of time and space. A startling collection, that begs to be read aloud. Hartley is a brilliant storyteller, with the kind of imagination that leaves you feeling a bit fearful for your own safety.” ~ Lucie McKnight Hardy

"David Hartley’s tiny fictions are elusive and teasing and true. They’re like the fading echoes of dreams you struggle to remember when you wake up in the morning – the bits that you know didn’t quite make sense, and made you feel strange and a little unnerved, but you knew were important, so important, if only you could hold on to them forever." ~ Robert Shearman

Visit my bookshop on the link below:

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Sample Stories

Have a read of these tiny tales.

Treat them as a taster.


I'll get back to you soon, I promise!

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